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Best Car Phone Mount, Car Mount, Cell Phone Holder , Car Dock

Best car phone mount? CG Clip ‘N Go, car mount, car dock and cell phone holder for your car, SUV or truck,  is a perfect alternative to unfortunate scenarios!

The worst scenario is you causing a car accident because you are fumbling around trying to find your phone in your pocket, purse, backpack, etc..

The second worse scenario that we can think of is that you are on the freeway during heavy traffic on the way to a very important appointment or meeting in an unfamiliar area and your cell phone falls off your car seat and your navigation app is accidentally “clicked off.”

The third worse is that an important  prospect whom you have already made some embarrassing mistakes with calls. You reach for your phone and inadvertently hangup on them. Interested? Click here for more information and to purchase one for yourself!

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