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Iphone accessories Outdoors

iphone Accessories, Android Accessories for your trip!

Outdoor enthusiasts take note!!   There is a revolutionary new must have accessory that no outdoors sportsman, or sportslady, climber, runner, or camper can live without!   It is the CG Clip ‘N Go phone belt clip, smartphone holder, eyeglass case clip,  and car mount.  It also can be used as a ipad stand,  mini ipad stand and is the best stand for smartphone owners. 

Smart Phone Holder

This handy gadget will safely secure your valuable communication device on your belt clip or pocket.  This would be no time for you to lose your precious cell phone just because you trusted an accessory without a reliable phone clip.   It even rotates 360 degrees and is removable. As an outdoor enthusiast, you would not think about running, hiking, climbing,  or crawling, without your trusty cell phone.  CG Clip ‘N Go is the tool that will enable you to keep it throughout your trip.  Just click here to buy it on Amazon!

Best Stand for Smartphone

Imagine yourself on the camping trip of a lifetime, nestled in a beautiful wooded area, and ready to embark on numerous adventures planned many months in advance.  Dark clouds gather above and suddenly a major downpour comes. You put together your tent and dive into it.  What to do?  Fortunately, you have the CG Clip ‘N Go which easily converts to a stand so you can view your favorite rainy day movie.  

Phone Belt Clip

When the rain stops, don’t let your cell phone slow you down because you are concerned it could drop, crack or fall.  Be prepared with the CG Clip ‘N Go so you can sprint, climb, and jump!  Life is too short to cramp your lifestyle. Get a CG Clip ‘N Go and keep the excitement in your life! Haven’t checked it out yet? Click Here!

Best Car Phone Mount, Car Mount, to navigate your peaceful celebratory drive home?

You guessed it, CG Clip ‘n Go can help you with that also! Click here to purchase the best car phone mount!

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