Best Cell Phone Stand – Sold on Amazon

Cell Phone Tablet Kick Stand Amazon

Hello again! Thanks for viewing another one of our CG Clip N’ Go blogs.

Should we apologize for being excited about this great cell phone / tablet accessory? We don’t think so either. Really, where else can you find something that makes your life so much less complicated at such a remarkable price? 

Take a moment with us as we gloat over the kickstand feature. …….. …… …. .. . Okay, thanks for your patience.

Why can’t you see the screen of the phone in the above image? Somethings are just too private to share! We hope that’s okay with you. When you start using your CG Clip N’ Go, we know you will understand!

Why a kickstand?

1. Watch movies, TV episodes and music videos, and yes, your friend’s YouTube video.

2.  Have your notifications in “plain sight” as they pop up on your screen including that text that you have been waiting for, for so long!

3. How about using it to have your phone or table act as a portable picture frame, so that you can have your loved one’s photo in front of you where ever life leads?

4. Do you use a clock, a timer or a stopwatch app on your phone or tablet? Need we say more? Keep the display right on your desk, table or any flat surface!

5. And then there is FaceTime, Skype, Google Hangouts, etc.. hands free!

6.  Do you use a flashlight app? You just might need to use it hands free!

7.   There’s more, but we don’t want to steal your own creativity!

Click here to get your CG Clip N’ Go and to get  your own  kickstand creative juices flowing!

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