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Conveniently Clips Anywhere–Join the Vision!!

What It Does:

Clip N’ Go transforms any smartphone or eyewear case into a busy person’s dream. It is a perfectly designed, sleek, multi-functional clip that conveniently attaches to your existing smartphone and eyewear case.  Say goodbye to those bulky belt smartphone holders and hello to the stylishly simple Clip N’ Go!!

Clip N’ Go keeps your smartphone and eyewear at your fingertips because it attaches to the case allowing the case to clip to the car sun visor, purse and belt.

Clip N’ Go is the most Multi-Functional, Durable, and Easy to Use Clip Accessory for Cell Phone and Eyewear Cases today. Never buy another clip!!

  • • Clip N’ Go is the ultimate accessory for active people on the go, whether shopping, hiking, jogging, or driving your car.
  • • Clip N’ Go keeps your cell phone or eyewear case nearby and protected on the go.
  • • Clip N’ Go is a must have for cell phone cases and eyewear cases and easily attaches to all brands of cases.
  • • Clip N’ Go is a total makeover to a well-known essential product for smartphone users.
  • • Clip N’ Go may help reduce car accidents because it attaches conveniently to several different surfaces inside the car and keeps eyewear protected and nearby within reach,  thereby reducing distractions while driving.
  • • Clip N’ Go protects your cell phone and eyewear because it conveniently attaches to the case you already own and allows quick and easy access because of the versatile and removable double hook which rotates 360 degrees and is removable.
  • It is the best stand for smartphone users providing a smartphone holder as one of the best iPhone accessories and Android accessories providing a phone belt clip, smartphone desk stand, and iPad stand.

Never ruin another pair of expensive eyewear and never drop your fancy smartphone again, buy your Clip N’ Go Today!!

How It Works:

Clip N’ Go keeps your smartphone and eyewear case at your fingertips by attaching to your purse, sun visor or belt. The clip is removable, rotates 360 degrees and doubles as a kick stand for use in portrait or landscape mode for your cell phone. Best of all, the unique design allows you to change your smartphone or eyewear case anytime. Use Clip N’ Go, while maintaining your own unique style. Change your case every day. The Clip N’ Go Way!!

Clip N’ Go – Peace of mind and protection on the Go!!