Soccer Fundraising Ideas Houston, Chicago, New York, Los Angeles and Beyond!

Soccer Fundraising Ideas Houston

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Are you having a fundraiser and you need some fundraising ideas? It doesn’t matter whether your child plays soccer, basketball or football or whether they are in the band, are a cheerleader or are in preschool we want to partner with you!

How about these talking points for your team and their parents to use when fundraising using these CG Clip ‘N Go products? 

It is the best stand for smartphone and enables you to use the cell phone hands-free!

The smartphone holder clips easily to purses, belts, pants, pockets, bags, and car sunvisors!  This is a must have as one of your iphone accessories.  The phone belt clip is discreet looking and comfortable to wear, not cumbersome at all! The clip can be used to hold your eyeglass case as well!  The CG Clip n’ Go gives peace of mind and protection when you are on the go. 

It is also a handy and sturdy smartphone desk stand and Ipad stand.  CG Clip n’ Go is the best car phone mount!  The car mount attaches firmly to the vent in your car.

This is where your phone belongs in a cell phone holder conveniently located where you can see it.  A smartphone holder is a must have accessory for all drivers.

Just send us an email and we will share with you about the discounts that we give to help young people’s fundraising efforts. To find out more about our two fundraising ideas, you can visit our Amazon store site…

You will be able to sell these at $14.99 and make a nice profit. Just send us an email and we will set up a phone appointment with you.

The good news is that if you are in Houston you can pick up your order here in Houston.

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